VIP Guests

According to their precedence, there are two kinds of VIP guests:
Defence and Police VIP Guests: In this group attend Defence Ministers, High Commands of the Armed Forces, and Polices either national and foreign.
Civil VIP Guests: Composed by Government Authorities, Airlines Presidents, Space Agencies, Directors of Civil Aviation, Businessmen, and CEOs of companies that have some interest in the fields that our fair covers.

Trade Guests

These delegations are heading visitors aerospace, defense and security, who represent the professional world, including government officials, business executives and members of the Armed Forces.


In addition, delegations are considered those visitors of mining, forestry, telecommunications and business services sectors from Latin America and around the world.


These delegations include executives from the management control of companies, members of development teams and research and officers in charge of military units with a varied level of decision and purchasing power. Therefore, FIDAE provides the opportunity to hold meetings den within days Trade Exhibition in order to contact strategic partners in the near future.