Main Sponsorship
It is the most prominent category among the Main Sponsors, and only one (1) company of the aerospace, defence or security field may opt for this product.

This is another category among the Main Sponsors of FIDAE, and only two (2) companies of the aerospace, defence or security fields may opt for this product.


In this category, four (4) companies may be Gold Sponsors.

Sponsorship Events:

Welcome Reception:

It will be held on April 2nd, 2018. Near 800 people will attend this activity.

Pilots Gathering:

Approximately 300 pilots will attend this activity, with the purpose of exchanging their respective professional experiences.

Press Management:

The Press Management put at your disposal a wide range of sponsorship products, such as the Press Day, FIDAE NEWS magazine and the Press Evaluation Cocktail.

Technology Exhibition:

The Technology Exhibition is held during the air exhibition days, where more than 100,000 visitors attending from the general public.

Music Tattoo:

The Music Tattoo is an artistic discipline where military bands delight the audience with choreographies and musical demonstrations.


FIDAE will organise static and in flight demonstrations of this types of aircraft, displaying the different services and applications they provide, which are used for sports, entertainment, defence and security.

Products to be sponsored
Lanyards and Badges:
It will be around 25,000, which are destined to visitors, exhibitors, organization members, service companies and press.
Folders for VIP Guests:
Special product for VIP guests such as ministers, airlines CEOs, official delegations and armed forces authorities.
Bags for Exhibitors:

These bags will be provided to all exhibitors with the welcome pack and the Exhibitor’s Catalogue.