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Welcome to FIDAE 2024, Unlimited Opportunities.

What is FIDAE?

The International Air and Space Fair, FIDAE, is the foremost Aerospace, Defense, and Security exhibition in Latin America and its long and successful career has earned it worldwide recognition as the leading event in the Region.

We hope you can join us in FIDAE 2024 from April 9 to April 14.


“To plan, organize and execute a biennial exhibition of international level aimed at promoting the development of the aerospace, defense, and security fields. The purpose is to provide opportunities for technological and commercial exchange to participating organizations, and to generate greater aeronautical awareness in the local community.”


“To be the leading Aerospace, Defense, and Security fair in Latin America whileadapting to a fast-moving market and providing an outstanding service toexhibitors, visitors and the community.”

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ignacio Baeza Muñoz

He is a Chilean Air Force fighter pilot graduated in 1997 from the Chilean aviation academy (Escuela de Aviación) who today accumulates more than 2,800 flight hours in A-36, A-37, Mirage Pantera, and F-16 aircraft.

During his career he joined the Aviation Squadron No. 12 and the Aviation Squadron No. 4 in the IV Air Brigade, based in Punta Arenas, to later be assigned to the I Air Brigade, in Los Cóndores Air Base, Iquique. While at this latter place, he rendered services in the Aviation Squadron No. 3 as Instructor, Mission Commander, and F-16 Demo Pilot, completing more than 1,000 hours in this fighter aircraft. In 2017, he served as Commander of the Operations Squadron (Comandante de la Escuadrilla de Operaciones) and made responsible for the training and evaluation of this unit’s crews.

Between 2018 and 2019 he enrolled at the Chilean academy of air war (Academia de Guerra Aérea) where he got a Master’s in military sciences and was thereafter appointed professor of this academy, with a major in Operations.

Prior to his assignment to the International Air and Space Fair (FIDAE), he was

aide-de-camp to the Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Air Force, from December 2019 to November 2022.


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