5 April, 2024


During the twenty-third edition of the International Air and Space Fair (FIDAE) to be held from April 9 to 14, you will be able to visit different stands related to Aircraft Maintenace.

FIDAE is a multisectorial event that covers the following sectors: Civil-Commercial Aviation, Defense, Aircraft Equipment and Services, Homeland Security, UAV (RPAS), Cybersecurity, Space Technology, and Aircraft Maintenance. The latter is a relevant actor and protagonist of this twenty-third edition.

This area shows how aircraft go through different inspections; processes where several specialists are involved. Each one of them takes responsibility, through comprehensive checkups, so aircraft equipment is in perfect condition and can be used safely.

The Chilean National Aeronautics Company (ENAER) is one of the most outstanding companies that will participate in this area. It will also be joined by: Aerocardal; Aeronautical Investments; Apas, Arms Intl; Bae Sistems; Bell Textron; Ciac; CG Turbines; Division Turbos; Fadea; Ipt; Labmeter; Loockheed Martin; Recaero SAS; Redimec S.A; Techman-Head and Workhard.


FIDAE provides personalized attention to all its target audience, in order to achieve commercial, innovation, and knowledge expectations. The Aircraft Maintenance sector also covers from manufactured pieces and parts, special machinery, to different established tests. In this way, FIDAE takes care of airworthiness in an integral way.