12 April, 2024


With the launch of Space Summit, last April 9, began a cycle of attractive academic and professional meetings that arouse the interest of the FIDAE 2024 attendees. It was an instance where more than 25 official conferences and 10 commercial seminars took place.

In each of these symposia, attendees and invited experts analyzed and discussed the themes addressed in conferences and seminars organized by the Fair with the longest trajectory and recognition in Latin America.

In this twenty-third edition, the III° version of Space Summit was held, which consisted of various symposia with the objective of laying the groundwork for the National Space System in the national culture, as well as focusing on space systems and new SATCOM (satellite communication) technologies. Distinguished authorities participated in the event, such as the director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), Aarti Holla-Maini.

Whitin the framework of Space Summit, the Meeting of Space Agencies of the member countries of Italo-Latin American International Organization (IILA) was held. This meeting brought together representatives from the member countries of the intergovernmental organization, and fostered cultural, socioeconomic, techno-scientific, and cooperative relations between Italy and Latin America.

Among the exhibitors who captivated the attendees, Petr Bares, honorary president of the Czech Space Alliance, stands out. The president gave a talk titled: "Space technologies to strengthen the competitiveness and economy of the Czech Republic."

Another expert who motivated the audience was the Chilean geographer Marcelo Lagos, who gave a presentation about climate change entitled: "Territories at risk in a changing world."

As part of the cycle of international conferences and within the framework of Space Summit, LARS -Latin American Remote Sensing- was inaugurated. It is a professional meeting where Dr. Patricia Oliva and Dr. Gustavo Medina presented, along with astronaut Mike Bloomfield, who shared details of his latest trip to space aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, as well as Salvador Primo, Rodrigo Roa, and Shinichi Nakazuka. It is important to note that during the development of LARS, spaces for dialogue and exchange of experiences in the field of remote sensing were created.

From the Civil & Commercial Aviation field, the investigation of air accidents was addressed in the seminar: "Challenges in Accident Investigation Processes (AIG)", organized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC), which sought to promote various factors of aviation security and implement operational safety management.

Additionally, the V° International Congress on Aeronautics and Space Law was held, organized by the Instituto Chileno de Derecho Aeronáutico y Espacial (IDAE) a forum where international law applied to Air and Space was addressed, including Criminal Sanctions and Jurisprudence of Aeronautical Crimes.

Also, the "XX° Meeting of Logistics Commanders of the South American Air Forces" took place. There, specialists presented and exchanged experiences to seek opportunities for improvement in logistic processes.

Similarly, the attendees of Space Summit actively participated in the conferences given by the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Claudio Araya; Guillermo Cifuentes and Dr. Paulina Assmann; Diana McKissock; Joseph Gerber; Colonel Raj Agrawal; General and Astronaut Roberto Vittori; Captain Rich Niven; and Rodrigo Mendoza.

In addition, FIDAE 2024 included commercial conferences organized by the main companies representing of the areas of Civil & Commercial Aviation, Defense, Airport Equipment and Services, Aircraft Maintenance, Homeland Security, Space Technology, Cybersecurity, and UAV (RPAS).