22 March, 2024


Loop, cloverleaf, crosses, mirror flight, hammer head, will be some of the maneuvers carried out by Team Villarrica, RV Team Chile, and Chilean pilot Mijali Proestakis during the twenty-third edition of FIDAE.

Within the framework of a new edition of the International Air and Space Fair, FIDAE, the public attending the main aerospace exhibition in Latin America, thanks to the coordination with the Chilean Air Federation (FEDACH), will be able to enjoy the presentations of the Chilean aerobatic groups RV Team, Team Villarrica, as well as pilot Mijali Proestakis.

Created more than 11 years ago, RV Team is the first civilian aerobatic squadron in Chile. The history of the RV Team begins with the building of two aircraft, which were entirely assembled by them in Chile. First, Fernando Abasolo’s RV-8, and then Hernán Santibáñez’ RV-7. During FIDAE, the pilots aboard the Vans RV-7 aircraft, will perform a presentation designed by the technical director and instructor of RV Team Chile, César Falistocco. The presentation consists of a loop, clover leaf, among other aerobatic flight maneuvers.

On the other hand, Team Villarrica, with two years of existence, is integrated by Karam Puali and Vaslav Rubeska. Aboard their Aerotrek Pitts S2A aircraft, the national pilots will perform aerobatic flights both during training flying as well and individual unlimited aerobatics, carrying out maneuvers such as “the heart”, crosses, mirror flight, hammer head, and loop, among others. These stunts will be admired by the public in attendance at FIDAE.

Lastly, this edition of the Fair will have the presence of the Antofagasta-native pilot Mijali Proestakis. His first flights began at the Aviation School “Capitán Manuel Avalos Prado”, in a T-35 Pillan in 1989. In 2010, he performs with the first Extra 300L in Chile, and currently has more than 1,100 flight hours in aerobatic aircraft. During FIDAE 2024, he will perform with the XtremeAir XA42 high aerobatic aircraft.