2 April, 2024


With more than 30 years of experience in the national and international market, the company DTS (Development of Technologies and Systems) an ENAER subsidiary, develops and provides solutions for the defense and civil industry in the areas of electronics, avionics, simulation, telecommunications and calibration.

During FIDAE 2024, the Chilean company DTS will present the Pillan II Flight Simulator. This is a system that uses mixed reality for military pilots training, under the rules of visual flight. It allows procedures teaching in basic flight, aerobatics, and training phases. In addition, it will reveal the new advances of the CMT (Transportable Command Center), which is a deployable Command and Control system, set-up as a command center to exercise operation controls in support of emergencies and/or catastrophes in remote or unprepared areas. With a modular, compact, and robust design, it can be transported by land or air to any part of the national territory.

Likewise, DTS will exhibit the Electronic Support Measurement System (ESM), based on an analog-digital receptor for submarine, surface, and airborne platforms. Being a modular and easy to install, it offers great accuracy in the measurement of emitter parameters and allows an accurate assessment of threats.

While FIDAE takes place, the company will present learning and training systems, through mixed reality. There will also be some surprises in terms of simulation, and Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&i). DTS, has been perfecting its capacities in R+D+i, and expanding the aeronautical simulators field, and it intends to show said ranges with the development of 3 new products that will be available exclusively during FIDAE: the Bellum Virtuale Simulator (for virtual simulation of aerial tactics), the Faraday Static Convertor and the TBX. This corresponds to the electronic development of interface modules used in a control system interconnected by a FIPIO data network.

The Bellum Virtuale Simulator, developed by DTS, is a powerful tool that combines advanced technology with modern pedagogy to provide a dynamic and highly effective learning environment. On the other hand, the Faraday Static Converter transforms three-phase power from generators to feed synchronous chains and other critical ship systems.

Since it was founded in 1991, DTS has worked hand in hand with major companies that are pioneers in state-of-the-art technology. This is the case of the strategic alliance with Thales company, experts in the fields of aerospace, defense, space, and digital security solutions.

The joint collaboration will be exhibited in the Thales and DTS stands, reaching two milestones: In the first place, the exhibition of their products will be cross-displayed. For DTS, its own products on display on the stand will be joined by Thales video surveillance systems.

In addition, Wellington Rodriguez, the Thales Southern Cone Director, and Roberto Avendaño, the General Manager of DTS, will sign the Key Industrial Partners (KIP) Agreement, that certifies them as industrial partners, key for future projects.