7 April, 2022

ENAER and its subsidiary DTS will present their upcoming training aircraft PILLAN II at FIDAE 2022

ENAER (National Aeronautical Company of Chile) and its subsidiary DTS (Technology Development and Systems) will attend FIDAE 2022 to exhibit the results of the PILLAN II project, which concluded its conceptual design stage, rendering the instruction system operational and ready to start the preliminary and detailed engineering phases, and the subsequent prototyping step.

Over the course of the exhibition, both companies will present the peripheral subsystems underlying PILLAN II, including the SIM (Flight Simulator). The SIM subsystem consists of a cockpit, a station for the instructor, and a mixed-reality visual system. Not only it allows for procedure instruction, but also planned mission practices, for military pilots to be trained under Visual Flight Rules.

This aircraft has been conceived as an evolved version of the T-35 PILLAN, that prioritizes the safety of occupants. It is a two-seater single-engine aircraft in tandem mode. The cabin resembles a combat aircraft equipped with the latest in avionics, enabling IFR flight, new wing design, retractable tricycle gear, and an air conditioning system. Optional night and day surveillance systems can be added with real-time data transmission.

The PILLAN II project will enable the implementation of state-of-the-art aeronautical technology and engineering in the national industry and, in turn, reinvigorate the manufacturing capacities currently available in ENAER and in other companies in the country to resume aircraft manufacturing in Chile after 8 years. And this is precisely why ENAER will be present at the new Air and Space Fair FIDAE 2022 to showcase their upcoming instruction aircraft.