28 March, 2024


Both teams, of great international trajectory, will delight the professional and general public that will be attending the International Air and Space Fair.

The Esquadrão de Demonstração Aérea (EDA) of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) known as Esquadrilha da Fumaça, and the Escuadrilla de Alta Acrobacia Halcones of the Chilean Air Force (FACH), will perform high-level aerobatics during the Aerospace Exhibition of biggest trajectory and recognition in Latin America.

Currently, the Esquadrilha da Fumaça uses Embraer A-29B Super Tucano training and light attack aircraft– manufactured in Brazil. These aircraft have the National Flag painted on the tail and its colors extend throughout the fuselage of the aircraft.

Da Fumaça has more than 70 years of history and about 4,000 exhibitions carried out in Brazil and abroad. Given the national and international recognition, the EDA became an instrument of communication diffusion for the FBA. The Squadron has 55 aerobatics which in 2006 allowed it to obtain the world record in the inverted flight specialty, flying 12 aircraft.

Meanwhile, the Escuadrilla de Alta Acrobacia Halcones - recognized aerobatic group of the Chilean Air Force, which was created on January 14, 1981, is an Aerobatic Team formed by pilots and mechanics that go through the national and international skies to represent the values of the FACH. They want to encourage new generations to be a part of this international attraction.

The first Halcones received aerobatic flight instruction in the United States where the Pitts S2A and S2S aircraft, specially designed and built to carry out these kinds of high-level maneuvers, were acquired.

In 1990, after almost 10 years flying the Pittss, the Air Force acquired the modern Extra 300, single-engine, monoplane, two-seater cockpit aircraft, that the Squadron flew until 2003, when the Extra 300L aircraft entered service. This aircraft was the ultimate expression of specialized aeronautical technology, which they used until 2021. Currently, they take to the skies with the GB1 Gamebird, with a 315 BHP Lycoming 580 engine, which gives them a great advantage in the power to weight ratio for high level aerobatics.