8 April, 2024


The following note will clarify doubts and provide recommendations to improve the experience within the Aerospace, Defense and Security Exhibition with the longest trajectory and recognition in Latin America.

FIDAE begins on Tuesday 9 and ends on Sunday 14 April. The exhibition is located on the north side of the Arturo Merino Benítez Airport, in Santiago de Chile. To purchase tickets, please visit www.ticketmaster.cl. It is important to emphasize that tickets can only be purchased online, and that with this ticket, you will only be able to access once.

From Thursday to Friday, the Fair carries out the Commercial Exhibition, becoming a business platform, meaning only people over 18 can attend it. On Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April, the Fair will hold the Air Show intended for the general public, with aerial and static shows of civil and military use aircraft.

To arrive to the venue, the organization recommends the use of public transportation provided by Turbus, the official company of FIDAE 2024. Itineraries are available from 9 to 14 April, facilitating the transportation of those attending the Fair. During the Trade Show, buses will depart from Terminal Alameda (Universidad de Santiago Metro Station) and from Terminal de Buses Pajaritos Metro Station. The starting time will be from 08:00 to 15:00 hours, at a 30-minute frequency.

For the Air Show on the 13th and 14th, buses will travel to FIDAE only from Terminal Alameda. The itinerary will begin at 8:15 am and will end a 15:00 pm, with a 10-minute frequency, according to the demand. The use of this bus seeks to avoid traffic congestion, optimizing transportation times. To purchase tickets, please visit www.turbus.cl and select the Santiago-FIDAE section. You will also have the possibility of buying them directly at the ticket offices of both bus stations.

For the return to Santiago, a point of sale will be available at the FIDAE boarding area, located at the access 3 (green). Each section has a value of “$2,700 CLP. This Price is reduced when you purchase a “round trip” ticket, which have a price of $5,000 CLP. Children under 4 feet height do not pay.

If you choose to arrive in your own car, parking lot 1 will be available during the week and will be operational between 9:00 and 18:00. Its entrance will be on the Diego Barros Ortiz street and will have a cost of $7,000 CLP per day. During the weekend, two additional parking spaces will be added: parking lot 2, which will be accessed through the same street and will cost $5,000 CLP per day. And parking lot 3, which will be accessed through Camino Lo Boza, and will cost $4,000 CLP.

The recommended access is the following: Those who travel from the southern sector of Santiago should enter the Vespucio Norte highway, take exit 13 (Lo Boza) and head to exit 5 (Aeropuerto, Camino Lo Boza). Pass the sign “Aeropuerto, Lo Boza” until you find FIDAE parking lot 3 (blue), then pass the sign “Acceso Aeropuerto” and you will arrive at the parking lot 2 (yellow). If you choose parking lot 1 (purple), you should continue and turn left in the FIDAE signs.

If you are traveling from the northern sector of Santiago, you must enter the Vespucio Norte highway and take exit 12 (Lo Echevers), take Camino Lo Echevers, follow Camino lo Boza and continue on Camino El Noviciado. Then continue along Diego Barros Ortiz Street until you reach the FIDAE signs, where parking lot 1 (purple) is located.

Caution is always important, and children are an essential aspect. Therefore, during the weekend, at the entrance of the Fair, there will be a booth where children can be identified with a bracelet. So, in case of a child gets lost, the responsible adult will be quickly contacted, and will be able to meet the child again at two spots specially designated for that. This is the “Information and Missing Children’s Tent” which will be located in the corridors of gates 1 and 2.

In terms of gastronomy, the Exhibition offers several alternatives, which are divided in three boulevards: Main, North and South. In these you can choose from fast food options, restaurants, cafeteria and confectionery.

In case of emergencies, FIDAE has five first aid areas; as well as restrooms designed for people with reduce mobility and baby changing tables. The Fair has wheelchairs for emergency use. In case you need any element of displacement, it is recommended that you bring your own. The emergency safety zone will be located in the center of the apron.

Finally, FIDAE recommends as a very important item, the care of the ears of adults and children with hearing protectors as well as avoiding exposure to sunlight by wearing sunscreen, appropriate clothing, hat and sunglasses, along with keeping yourself constantly hydrated. In addition, you need to take into consideration the necessary time for transportation; and if possible, use as much as possible the different access roads, so that your visit to the Exhibition will be a pleasant experience.