4 April, 2024


The twenty-third edition of the International Air and Space Fair, FIDAE will have the presence of important companies from more than 30 countries. These notable companies, in the Homeland Security field, will exhibit their services and products, in order to establish trade relations, exchanging knowledge, and reaching agreements.

FIDAE is a multisectorial event that covers the sectors of: Civil and Commercial Aviation, Defense, Airport Equipment and Services, Aircraft Maintenance, Space Technology, Cybersecurity, UAV (RPAS) and Homeland Security. The latter is a relevant actor and protagonist of this twenty-third edition.

Homeland Security covers the internal security of nations, which permanently have to strengthen these systems to ensure their proper functioning. This area is not only a concern for the countries of the region, but also throughout the world. FIDAE 2024 will bring together the supply and demand in this sector, looking to meet the needs of an important market in constant growth.

The companies dedicated to the development of this sector and that will be part of FIDAE 2024 are: Aerotech, Altec, Military Gear Chile, Schiebel, Steyr Arms and Theon Sensors. Along with them will also be present: Barret Comunications, Bear Tactical Gear, Miguel Caballero and Tek Chile, among others.

FIDAE is a great platform to display new products and technological advances from the last few years in the different fields considered by the Fair, as well as an opportunity for technological exchanges. The Fair is also a commercial center where supply and demand meet, in an environment specially designed for an event of this magnitude, and appropriate for doing business.