19 February, 2020

Bell will exhibit three versatile helicopters in FIDAE 2020

There are 40 days until the new edition of FIDAE, the American helicopter manufacturer Bell is ready to exhibit three aircraft models.

With an advanced aerodynamic design and a Turbomeca Arrius 2R engine with a cutting-edge digital control system, the Bell 505 helicopter will be one of the main attractions of the exhibition, since its modern technology improves aspects related to rotary-wing aircraft, such as security, efficiency and reliability. Among its unique characteristics are the cabin with forward view, which results in better visibility and situational awareness.

Another model to be exhibited will be the Bell 429, the first certified helicopter using the MSG-3 process, which will reduce maintenance costs. This aircraft will have exceptional speed characteristics, and single-pilot IFR system. In addition, it will be able to adapt to different demands without compromising the pilot and the seven passengers’ safety.

The third model to be displayed at FIDAE 2020 will be the multirole single-engine Bell 407, with a Garmin G1000H™ glass cockpit, which shows critical flight information for better safety and situational awareness. Its wireless connectivity allows the pilot to synchronize and upload databases from smart devices. In terms of technical characteristics, its Rolls-Royce M250-C47E/4 engine reaches a 259 km/h speed.

It is important for the American company to exhibit these three rotary-wing aircraft in the foremost business platform of Latin America for the aerospace, defense and security fields. Bell will be in the chalets A5 – A6 – A7 – A8 inside the Fair venue.