13 January, 2020

FIDAE and FEDACH Sign Cooperation Agreement

Last Thursday, November the ninth, the Chilean Air Federation, FEDACH in Spanish, concretizes its attendance to the twentieth-first version of the International Air and Space Fair, FIDAE, the Latin-American’s main aeronautic exhibition, after signing an agreement between both organizations.

With the aim of promoting aeronautic matter among the population, FIDAE and FEDACH met at FIDAE 2020’s Administrative Building to seal the attendance of this important group that constitutes Chilean Air Clubs.

The meeting was led by FIDAE’s President, Lieutenant General Rafael Carrère, along with his Chief Executive Officer, Colonel Raúl Mera, and Chile’s Commercial Executive, Luis Jara. While by FEDACH, attended its President, Rafael Bravo and its Treasurer, Juan Carlos Donoso.

During this meeting, a convey was signed, which FIDAE provides support to Chile’s civil and sport aviation by delivering outdoor areas (among other benefits) for Aircraft Exhibitions. On its behalf, the Federation agrees on carrying out different performance for the Fair.