1 December, 2019

FIDAE participates in a space seminar with an important organization

During this activity, the challenges faced by the space field and the potential contribution to the national market were discussed.

On November 22nd, the International Air and Space Fair, FIDAE, took part in the Space Seminar Chile – U.S., which was held at the Officer’s Club, belonging to the Chilean Air Force, in Santiago. The U.S. Space Enterprise Council represented said country, where 55 participants attended the event.

During the presentation, the American companies part of the U.S. Space Enterprise Council expressed their position regarding the space field, their next challenges and how they could contribute to the Chilean market and the development of new projects in Chile.

Likewise, the Deputy Director for Space Affairs of the Chilean Air Force’s Operation Direction, Colonel Luis Felipe Saez Collantes, talked about Chile facing this topic and the country’s main connection platforms with different companies and organizations developing programs on this area, highlighting the importance of reaching agreements to work on the field’s progress. “FIDAE represents the main connection with foreign companies, providing excellent business and alliances opportunities with companies from this field”, stated Colonel Saez.

After this, Eduardo Ibar and Carlos González, both teachers of the Universidad de Valparaíso and the Universidad de Chile respectively, explained their recent investigations, which were done in Chile. During the presentation, different topics were discussed, including the importance of the space filed in our country and how the universities and organizations, such as the Chilean Astronomical Society (Sociedad Chilena de Astronomía – SOCHIAS) and the Chilean Space Society (Asociación Chilena del Espacio – ACHIDE), are constantly growing, acquiring and providing new knowledge to the field.

Klaus von Storch, space engineer and astronaut apprentice, described during the seminar his experience on working towards a greater collaboration at an international level due to the interest in the academic and scientific area. He also underlid the importance of FIDAE as the biggest connector between Chile and the world, which will help to reduce the gap with more technologically advanced countries.