14 April, 2024


Through technological platforms and virtual simulators, attendees learned more about the capabilities of the Chilean Air Force.

On Saturday, April 13, the public visited the Technology Fair in FIDAE 2024, an exhibition in which you can appreciate some of the technology and innovation that are part of the Air Force.

In the fourth edition of the event, the public interacted with different platforms related to four areas: space, maintenance, defense, and education.

Regarding the aspects related to space technology, the Space Operations Group (GOE by its acronym in Spanish) presented some software which are used to know the position of satellites and the National Satellite System mission was revealed.

GOE also presented the labor developed by the SAF (Aero Photogrammetry Service) and the SAR (Search and Rescue (SAR).

One of the attractions were the virtual reality simulators of the División de Educación and the F-16 which was one the most demanded platforms, both by children and adults.

Sebastian Pizarro, who attended along with his child and wife, said that “it is interesting to see how they are using the technology and how they are presenting what the Air Force is at a space research level or with the flight simulators they have in the Fair, especially the F-16 simulator. In this way, people can be more aware and can learn about what it feels like to be inside of an airplane and also this can connect military aviators with the civilians in a better way”.

The Technology Fair counted with the participation of the of the Aviation School “Capitán Manuel Ávalos Prado”, which presented a flight simulator, use by the Sub-Alféreces to prepare in their area of flight in the T-35 Pillán aircraft. Meanwhile the School of Specialties “Sargento 1° Adolfo Menadier Rojas” surprised the public with a virtual firing simulator. On the other hand, the Academia Politécnica Aeronática revealed its work in the scientific and technological areas.

In the aeronautical matter, the attendees interacted with the technology used by different FACH’S Units oriented to aircraft maintenance, such as the 52nd Group of Maintenance, which exhibited a Bell 206 helicopter engine. The 51st Group of Maintenance and the 5th Air Brigade Training Center. Meanwhile they presented a flight simulator with an aircraft F-16 Block 50 fighter aircraft engine, used for instruction of both the students and engine mechanics.

In the weapon system area, the Anti-Aircraft Artillery and Special Forces Regiment “Tactical School” presented Oerlikon anti-aircraft warfare systems and MANPADS stations.

In addition, the company de Desarrollo de Tecnologías y Sistemas (DTS), a subsidiary of the ENAER (National Aeronautical Company of Chile), exhibited models, engines and the Bellum Virtuale aeronautical simulator.