7 April, 2024


The twenty-third edition of the International Air and Space Fair, FIDAE will have the presence of important companies from more than 30 countries. These notable companies, in the UAV (RPAS) field, will exhibit their services and products, in order to establish trade relations, exchanging knowledge, and reaching agreements.

FIDAE is a multisectorial event that covers the sectors of: Civil and Commercial Aviation, Defense, Airport Equipment and Services, Aircraft Maintenance, Homeland Security, Space Technology, Cybersecurity, and UAV (RPAS). The latter is a relevant actor and protagonist of this twenty-third edition.

The acronym UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is used to identify drones. RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) systems are unmanned aerial vehicles or remotely piloted aircraft, which can have a military and/or civilian use in tasks such as aerial photography, aerial videos or infrastructure inspection, among others.

The companies that cover this field and that will be part of the twenty-third edition of FIDAE are: Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Leonardo, Indra and Safran. They will be joined by: Tek Chile, CIAC, Schiebel, Riegl, TKOF Aviation, among others.

FIDAE has adapted to the continuous changes in all industries, and the UAV has been no exception. FIDAE provides personalized attention to all its target audiences, so that they can achieve both their commercial expectations, as well as those linked to the field of knowledge and innovation.