Advertising support mounted on a pillar, measuring 12 m wide and 4 m high, visible from the whole fair venue.

Hall Banner:

Advertising banners located outside each hall, with view towards the apron.

Advertising Banner:

Located at the north entrance of the fair venue.

Advertising totems:

Advertising support located in strategic places with high flow of public, such as accesses, boulevard and chalets.

Hall Top Side:

Advertising support located at the entrances and exits of the hall, with high visibility from the apron, boulevard and aisles between halls.

Hoarding Advertising:

Advertising support located on the halls, facing towards the boulevard area.

Fences in the parking lot:

Advertising canvas located on the fences of the exhibitors’ parking lot.

Advertising screens:

LED screens placed on the outdoor areas, where promotional videos can be displayed.

Parking banners:

Advertising support in the parking lots. They are distributed on the following way: six (6) in the front of the FIDAE corporate building, and five (5) in front of the chalet area.

Advertising in Exhibitor’s Catalogue:

Official publication of FIDAE, acting as guidance for exhibitors.

Advertising in Quick Guide:

It provides to the attendants handy and efficient information about the locations and places of interest.

Advertising in FIDAE News Daily:

Official informative publication of FIDAE; it is a bilingual (Spanish/English) magazine, published daily during FIDAE.